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Music Archive

Having done a stack of stuff, I thought I’d compile a few showreels to give examples of the styles, and themes I’ve been doing.

These are archives, things I’ve done, and not meant to be anything more. If there are any apologies, I can only be blamed for the sound and not the pictures.


If you like anything here, let me know. Or if there’s anything here that suggests any ideas for your next production I would love to help.

Here’s some Audio comps I did for Chris Tarrant’s breakfast show, on Capital Radio. Sound-a-likes, copies, pastiches, and fun character assassinations featuring Tarrant himself. Plus a few more bits and pieces written for various productions. I can’t remember who the girl band was that sang the Santa tune; But if I do, I’ll stick it in the player. More tracks to follow as the site progresses.

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