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banner_musicWelcome to the Music page. This is basically what I do: Media composing, arranging and producing.

The Video Files Ever since the creation of showreels on audio cassettes, (remember those?) and then CDs, there has been a difficult balance between an archive (what has already been commissioned, written and used) and specific examples of what a new client, or current commission might require.

I’ve sent out many a showreel on request only to find that the ‘requestor’ has come back to me with a rather feeble and uninformed “I couldn’t really find anything here I could use for my next project”.

The Cooke FilesWell yeah! Not surprising really. You weren’t meant to…… It’s what someone else asked for, used and paid for!

So, on these pages you will see and hear examples of what I’ve done; some old, some new, and some, well, simply legendary! Some are Videos, and some presented in lovely simple Stereophonic Audio High MP three-ness!

I’d love to hear back from you with any thoughts, comments you may have, even if it’s “Why did you bother?”

But if it’s new stuff you are looking for then I can happily take a brief, and send you examples of stuff that may be perfect for your next Movie, TV, Radio show, Title sequence, Commercial, Animation pitch, whatever.

I’ve been doing this far too long to be humble about it. I am very good and you will not be disappointed. And you may be surprised at the painless process from demo to final, and even the invoice.

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