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Topline PicWelcome to my Music page. This is basically what I do: Media composing, writing, arranging, fiddling and producing.

Ever since the creation of showreels on audio cassettes, (remember those?) and then CDs, there has been a difficult balance between an archive (what has already been commissioned, written and used) and specific examples of what a new client, or current commission might require.
I’ve sent out many a showreel on request only to find that the recipient has come back to me with a rather feeble and uninformed “I couldn’t really find anything here I could use for my next project”.
Well yeah! Not surprising really. You weren’t meant to; It’s what someone else asked for, used and paid for!

Now, ripple dissolve forward and the good news. Rather than confuse further with disjointed and irrelevant music examples, showreels and archives, I decided to create a new and exciting project called Topline. Topline is a new music discovery and licencing platform. It contains hundreds of new tracks, songs, themes, mixes and grooves that are instantly available to license for all media use.
I don’t really think I need to add any more. Please go over to Topline and check it out. It’s colourful, vibrant, instant and very competitively priced. If you want to get in touch with me or anyone else at Topline, all the contact details are there. If you want to be part of this new adventure as a creative then drop me or Topline a message.

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