Clients include PC World, Harrods, British Airways, Debenhams, North Thames Gas, Guinness, Office Angels, ICI, Evening Standard, Woman’s Own, Swatch, Daily Mirror, UCI, Kodak, Airtours, JS Sainsbury, Duckhams, Thomas Cook, Lucky Charms, BBC Licence Fees, Auto Express, British Rail, Jammy Dodgers, Cellnet, Great Thorpe Park, Thunderbird, Bentalls, EasyJet, Tom Caxton Beer, Rapport, Nottingham Evening Post, Diamond Cable, PhoneZone, Global Internet, Warner Brothers and many more.

I started writing jingles and stuff originally with Matchbox Productions and my old chum Kev Thomas. We were sharing a bijou apartment in Shepherds Bush at the time and Kev started getting clients like Beechams, Coca Cola, Kawasaki and others. This was a great opportunity to learn the ropes and to learn the value of flexibility and small budgets.

I was introduced to Chris Sandford (Hobo Radio Productions) by Iain Dunn who was also working at Hobo at the time. They offered me a jingle for Jojoba which I guess was a kind of audition to see how I wrote arranged and handled singers. This employed the talents of Bob Saker, Maggie Ryder, the late Nick Curtis and Miriam Stockley and they were brilliant, singing everything I had intended, even if it was rather fast and complicated.

I met up with David Arnold (not the composer for Independence Day, unfortunately) who felt that we could write and produce for local radio and offer fantastic music at a competitive rate. However, having met some of the total idiots who run the commercial departments in these stations around the country, I decided that life was too short to hang around these untalented and uncreative morons - they never knew what they wanted and when they did, they had no budget.

Dave and I regrouped and he introduced me to the amazing Jonathan Booth ( Jonathan and I started a partnership called Firesong and worked for a variety of clients to secure jingles and commercials which we recorded in my JFM studio in Twickenham.

For now, should you be reading this with a view of getting a jingle written, produced, arranged, programmed and recorded, with great copy and with amazing voice artists and singers, then give me a call. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Write for quick reply to