In a world where instant gratification is the new god and everyone is desperate for the next quick fix, its refreshing to find an artist who refuses to compromise.

Jem Cooke was recruited as an in-house session singer at the tender age of 5. By the time she was 17 and spotted by a major record label executive while working as a singing waitress in a London restaurant, Jem was a seasoned veteran. The executive was blown away and offered her a record deal. However, instinctively knowing what the label had in mind was not her vision of the artist she wanted to be, she turned down the offer.

The next four years were spent performing at scores of songwriter nights at venues in and around London and Newcastle (where she attended college). In this period she worked at perfecting her songwriting and honing her remarkable voice. Demos, that she had recorded, began circulating between friends and an ever-expanding circle of friends of friends.

At the age of 23 Jem traveled to California in May of 2005 to participate in Musexpo, hosted by A&R Worldwide. Her performance at The Viper Room was the talk of the seminar. Jem relocated to New York in the summer of 2005, to begin the next step on the road to fulfilling her dream from which she gained a fantastic reception to her 12 week residency at The Bitter End, NY.

Now based back in her home town of London, Jem is constantly writing and recording new material and performing on a regular basis Jems determination and talent are destined to bring her the success she has sought and an artist the world will embrace.

Quotes about Jem

“With scissor line markings surrounding her, Jem Cooke is cut from bohemia, whether self made or socially formed it compliments her music and voice in a way only a few can claim. K T Tunstall is the first obvious comparison, the English answer maybe? But we are not here to compare and contrast, Jem is surely soon to be THE unsigned female artist to be heard singing at the heels of the current ‘best’.

With a voice to soothe and compel her audience, she sings to the sound of crisp guitar played by ‘Dangerous Dave’. We found her stalking the MySpace airwaves with her summer inspired rhetoric, and as soon as we did, we featured her song on our MySpace page. With its Marc Bolan inspired groove intro melting into Jems voice it leads to the lyrics ‘I’m gonna start a revolution, cos ones just started in me’. Written lyrics or the root of her hunger to touch people through her own brand of boho vibes?

It’s the complete abundance of apparent effortless energy that comes through her voice box that is so addictive. She can move around a song like a renegade trapeze act, taking the swing and setting it wherever she likes to ride. You get the feeling ‘Dangerous D’ can only play the root rhythm as she moves around to seemingly dead end roads, coming out the other side with the rhythm rolling on. Its 60’s chic with a modern lemon twist.

For the more sombre kind of mood, its great music you don't have to think about ... but if you want ... you can.”

HippoDrome Magazine

“A heady mix of polished pop, sugar-sweet soul, soaring vocals and thoughtful lyrics.”
The Argus, Brighton

“Songs that are set to get girls everywhere singing along!”
Star Magazine

“Singing is in Jem’s blood.”
Western Mail

“Jem has honed both her remarkable voice and song-writing skills to something approaching perfection.”
Sunday Sun

“Jem has been born for a career in music.”
The Journal

“Like a diamond, this Jem looks set to be around forever.”
Bath Times

“A relative newcomer but Jem puts contemporaries like Joss Stone firmly in the shade.”
Stuff Magazine

“If the name sounds soulful, there’s a heart full of soul and a voice that’s pure gold. Kneel down – a star is born!”
DMME Website Review

“Jem Cooke has a fantastic voice – a rockier affair that comes on like Gwen Stefani wrestling Alaninis Morrisette – big, ballsy and a definite step in the right direction.”

UK Music Search

“This is the perfect announcement of her arrival – it makes quite an impression. Having heard some of the songs off her album I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Jem Cooke – soon to be a household name.”

The Critic

“Cooke has been compared to the likings of Dusty Springfield, Norah Jones and Carol King with modern day pop sensibilities and stunning looks to go with her phenomenal voice.”
A&R Worldwide

“If you haven’t heard of Jem Cooke yet, don’t worry, you soon will do.”
Ashby Echo

“Jem’s music is unlike anything you’ve heard before. It’s bluesy-smokey pop with a vocal that draws on the sensual laments of Dusty Springfield.”
The Green Magazine