As well as the stuff in the TV and Film, Radio, Kids, and Advertising sections, I wanted to include a music folder that covered some music in general; The Cooke Files: A CD that I compiled of various commissions plus tracks that were free to use. And the audio from my multimedia CD, The Video Files. Click on one of the Audio links below and sit back and listen.

I have also included here some general themes, library tracks, and other bits and pieces that may be of interest. Let me know if anything hits the spot in this selection.

Email if you want to use anything off the shelf!

Just click on any of the Audio pieces here and not only will you hear the track, but you can read all about them on the easy to read custom built scrolling thingy at the top of the screen. Saves writing loads of lists here, eh? These tracks as well as many more are available to use, so drop me a line if you want anything here.

Bethlehem Year Zero
Title music to a series of news reports. See the TV & Film section for the pictures.

Cross Time & Techno Train

These two tracks were specially commissioned by Kate Walker for a project called BBC World of Music, available as a book and CD. Most of the music was recorded by BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, but as there were several pieces that the orchestra couldn’t cover, I was asked to provide 5 tracks for the album. A couple of the tracks feature on my previous Cooke Files CD, and there was also a version of Rossini’s Cat’s Duet which we recorded in my studios.

Thanks Kate for this and the amazing amount of stuff we’ve produced together.

Heaven and Earth Show
Title music for the show. See TV & Film for pictures.

Rejoice, and Dream instrumental
An example of material written as part of a BBC Production called The Dream which was an adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was a music series, that contained a full Drama, plus dances, new songs, and full incidentals. The brief was to create something slightly Mediaeval / Elizabethan, with an edge of contemporary instrumentation. Assisted by the brilliant Mike Haughton on all woodwind instruments, both ancient and modern. More on this in the Radio section.

Viking in My Bed
Titles of the 26 part drama series for BBC TV. See Kids section for pictures.

Blue Peter
Having married a Blue Peter presenter, I have had a close relationship with the programme for several years (see Family section for more on this). Among the many musical items written and arranged, I have recently produced music for a TV special featuring a selection of great old Rock and Roll songs, and this version of the title music. See Kids section for the latest TV version.

What a friend - Jonathan Veira album Life and Soul
Part of a track from Jonathan Veira’s new album, Life and Soul. I was approached to produce Jonathan’s album, and initially I was unsure if I was the right man for the job. Having never met Jonathan Veira before, I was a little apprehensive, especially having heard about his main area of singing and performing which was Opera.

But as we met one day to have a preliminary chat about the album and songs, it was as though we had been chums for years, and the album almost became secondary to the silliness and laughing that followed. The album turned out well, with a mix of traditional, gospel, orchestral, and jazz material. This is one we decided on, based on that great trad. hymn What a friend we have in Jesus, and it features the amazing Mark Williamson on additional vocals.

See Performance section for other examples and moving pictures.

This was the third batch of goodies recorded for Chris Tarrant and Capital Radio. Great fun to do, and especially to find such amazing singers who were prepared to be used in this package of insults.

Copy by the brilliant Iain Dunn, Chris Sandford,and Chris Tarrant, who still owes me a studio chair!!

Special mention to the great singers: Miriam Stockley, Keith Murrell, Timmy “Teapot” Whitnall, Dave Grant, Pete Howarth. See the Radio section for more.