Rocky Kids was the first “brand” I threw my name at. It was called Dave Cooke’s Rocky Kids and started when I was asked to entertain the kids at Church while the grown-ups did serious brow-furrowing things!

I had no material so I called up a few writer chums to see if they had anything.

Apart from Paul Field and his two rather good Kids albums, there was nothing.

So I decided to write my own. With the lyrical assistance of Paul Field and Judy MacKenzie-Dunn, I wrote and played these songs for the kids every week, and see what worked, what didn’t, and especially what they liked to sing.

The result was Rocky Kids Album No 1. I then decided to record the album in my studio. To advertise this album, I recorded a Promo featuring our Jem, Amy and great friend Timmy “teapot” Whitnall, who had just secured some work with BBC TV Teletubbies. He agreed to voice this for me, and being a total cheapskate, I asked my lovely kids to help as well.

The Videos were from ANGLIA TV where we were asked to go and present Rocky Kids.

I followed RK No 1 with RK No 2, and another series of songs, sketches and daft bits and pieces. Grenville was there as well as other new characters. We filmed a couple of promo Videos to accompany each album which you can see here too. I decided that I wanted to offer both of these albums along with the songbooks and lyric sheets as a free download here. Enjoy and use wisely! They can seriously damage your ears and the sanity of your Kids!

I also have backing tracks to all of the songs which can be made available either on CD, or individual MP3s so let me know if you would like any of these.

I have the songs for Rocky Kids 3, so watch this space for further news and promotion. Do we need more? Let me know!

BTW, if you recognise anyone in the Videos drop me a line: They are all pretty grown up now although it doesn’t seem that long ago. I make no apologies. You all know who you are, and I expect you to feel terribly embarrassed and humiliated. You shouldn’t have volunteered OK? And don’t Invoice me!!