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The studio
For the last few years we’ve been working out of our splendid studio over in Twickenham, S.W. London, doing what you do, and getting in the gigs.
It began with lovely clients, often coming to the studio; We had a nice sofa installed, coffee machine and large potted plant and a ‘cool’ area where they would chat through the entire music session, not drawing breath to listen to the stuff they had commissioned. But it was great to be able to hand over a real hard copy CD of the day’s work. But then we got all Digital and they decided not to come at all.

So everything was uploaded and downloaded and most of the time you wouldn’t see anyone from one job to the next. Such was, and still is, progress.

Now, the studio is used for songwriting, and commissions as and when they happen, but it’s been great to produce many artists there including our Jem. And here are a few examples of what’s been happening.

Serious Ripple Dissolve; We, and the studio have moved. Now with a smaller and more beautifully formed studio set up, we’re back to recording, mastering and production. New Pics to follow.

I’ve included in the Audio player a short soundbite of all the songs from the new LImited Edition Album. You can buy the CD, and / or MP3 download versions here on the site.

Just go to the shop and click on the album and it’ll take you to the Google Wallet checkout area where you can exercise your credit card with great security and perfect peace!
It’s well worth it, and you can also buy the first album, “I am Jem Cooke” and the acoustic E.P. “Shhh…”
Also, check out Jem’s website for more stuff, dates, and current news on gigs and tours.